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R.D. McMillen: The American Dream

A man with a disability but a fierce desire to overcome the odds. A doctor dislocating his shoulder and arm at birth. But, being different did not disable R.D. McMillen but on the contrary, empowered him. The drive to overcome his disability and the determination to succeed was his recipe.

R.D. began in 1964. He finished his education at Millikin University and hit the work force. With his business degree and God-given talent, he set out to grow with a large company in a sales role. Overcoming all obstacles in life, far greater than business, like buttoning a shirt, tying his shoes, shaking hands, putting a key in the ignition, playing tennis, golf etc., he was ready for any challenge the corporate world could bring. Though he faced rejection, R.D. refused to accept failure.

After 10 years of fighting the fight, he decided the only way to fulfill his American dream was to do it on his own. With a wife and three children at the time (five total when all was said and done), he resigned from his current job. With $500 cash and a station wagon, he began selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

As his success grew, he wanted more, so he incorporated carpet cleaning into the mix, hence "CarpetMasters." He then started partnering with a manufacturer by the name of Varley, where he started buying chemicals to sell, hence "R.D. McMillen Enterprises."

As this portion of the business grew, he added floor care and general cleaning to the mix, hence "Professional Housekeepers." He tied in cleaning carpets, both residentially and commercially, and began hiring staff to assist in contract cleaning of businesses. Never settling, he then added BugMasters, a pest control company and soon to follow a lawn service mowing, landscaping, and snow removal.

All the while growing R.D. McMillen Enterprises into a Jan-San distribution corporation. He started with one chemical manufacturing firm and grew to multiple vendors. Today, R.D McMillen stocks over 5,000 items and has become a leader in Jan-San distribution.

R.D. McMillen has done in one lifetime what most could not accomplish in three. His mental strength, determination, desire to succeed, unwavering work ethic, and faith in God, made him successful in every aspect of his life.

As the second generation, we are so blessed for the opportunity he has given us. The work ethic, integrity, and most importantly the determination and will to succeed. All dreams can become reality if you stay focused, work hard, and never give up.

We are proud to successfully run two corporations, R.D. McMillen Inc., and Professional Housekeepers Inc., covering the entire State of Illinois and beyond. In support of our clients' vendor diversity program, we are pleased to be certified by the State of Illinois as a Small/Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise.